in Guildford, Surrey

Hi, I’m Julie Hancox and as a Plant Foraging Guide and registered Nutritionist, I’d love for you to experience the joy of finding and using local, edible plants to nutritionally enhance your meals and elevate your health and wellbeing.

fingers with white flower found on a foraging walk. Green grass behind the hand and flower
Stress Management


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“If you’ve ever been intrigued by the idea of foraging, but scared to get it wrong, Julie creates a safe and fun space for learning how to identify and use edible plants.”


“Inspiring and fun. Delivered with clear knowledge but in a way that made it accessible to a newbie.”


“Being shown the large range of edible plants that are commonly found around us was really enlightening and gives me more specific things to look out for when walking. All this helps me to appreciate, be more in tune with and be more grateful for all that Mother Nature is and all that she provides for us. Thank you!”


“We had a lovely walk round an area I’ve cycled through many times without stopping to look.  Turns out that when you do stop and look and combine it with Julie’s excellent knowledge, you find a world of edible plants with the most incredible benefits.  I learnt so much and had a great time”


“I highly recommend Julie’s foraging walking tours to anyone who is curious and would like to learn more about what kind of edible plants there are on your doorstep. I now look at my garden and plants on my own walks, from a new perspective. I would definitely attend another one of Julie’s foraging tours in the future.”