One Life Nutrition Workshops

Having support can help with confidence and motivation. My workshops bring you together with others to help you to take control of your health. Find the right workshop for you.

Fertility and Pregnancy Workshops

My workshops are a great way for mums looking for support before, during and after pregnancy.

It’s a place to feel relaxed and comfortable -where it’s easy to ask for help and not feel judged.

My workshops offer useful resources and access to a community of like-minded, supportive mums.

To organise a workshop with One Life Nutrition, please get in touch.


I also run workshops in conjunction with The Luna Hive.

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Corporate Workshops

Look after your colleagues and your business can thrive

All too often high stress and lack of physical activity cause poor health, impact productivity and contribute to colleague absence.

My workshops can help.

I offer helpful and practical nutritional guidance for anyone looking to boost their immune system, improve mood/well-being, as well as recommending stress busting foods and lifestyle tips.

Helping everyone to be happier at work.

To organise a workshop with One Life Nutrition, please get in touch.

But more importantly, you’ll have a way forward.


*Any additional costs for supplements or testing recommendations are separate from my consultation fee.